Used, Guaranteed, Original Mercedes-Benz W124 E Class or T Class Parts

For your Mercedes-Benz W124 a.k.a. E Class or T Class, you can now buy used OEM (OEM = Original Equipment [of the] Manufacturer) parts at (in many cases) an even cheaper price than aftermarket parts. Get the genuine part at a fraction of the cost! Plus, our used parts are guaranteed. We trust Mercedes-Benz quality, whether the part is used or new.

We offer a wide variety of used parts for the 1985–1995 Mercedes-Benz T and E models (E = non-station-wagon, T = station-wagon). The 260E and 300E tend to be the mainstream, but even if you have a 500E, we might well have a high-quality used part for you.

We personally drive Mercedes-Benz cars. We know that a large part of the reason they are high-quality is due to the quality of their parts. Replace these with cheap knock-offs and you have watered down the quality of your Mercedes-Benz, compromising its reliability, safety and/or other aspects.

Body sheet metal, exterior trim, interior trim, seats, engine parts or complete engines, transmissions … whether it’s a planned project or a crisis, we intend to save you thousands of dollars over the life of your Mercedes-Benz W124, making it viable to keep it going indefinitely.

Our fantasy scenario:

Ten years from now, you’re having a conversation with a neighbor who compliments your shining (and now financially appreciated) E Class or T Class Mercedes-Benz. You say:

“I’m so glad I kept the car going with original Mercedes-Benz parts. When I could afford it, I bought them new. The rest I got from They’re nice, their prices are low and they guarantee what they sell, which is a safe bet for them because they trust the high quality of original Mercedes-Benz parts, even if used.”

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