Relay 201 821 00 47 for the Mercedes-Benz W124 Series

Relay 201 821 00 47

  • We sell the part whose number is 201 821 00 47, used, for $40.
  • We charge $13 for shipping this part to anywhere in the US.
  • Nevada residents, please add 30 cents which is 7.6% sales tax.

Our parts are used but original Mercedes-Benz quality, guaranteed to fit and work, otherwise (your choice):

  • We replace it at no charge or
  • We refund your money and the shipping costs to you and back to us.

Below is a little write-up that we hope you will enjoy — one more reason to be enthused about keeping your Mercedes-Benz on the road.

You could buy the parts from a vendor who doesn’t understand or care about Mercedes-Benz cars, or you could buy from enthusiasts like us.

We hope you choose us!

To remove the part, you don’t need any tools (how nice is that?)

First, look at the above picture to see how the pins look. Then grasp the module firmly but gently, and slowly wiggle the module back and forth, to “walk” the little pins loose. Then, lift up the module and move it up and away from the general area.

To install the replacement, make sure the pins are aligned correctly, and then gently place the module in position and push down until you feel that it is seated.

This should help dispel the myth about Mercedes-Benz vehicles being overly complex. Yes, the internal functionality is complex, and necessarily so, but Mercedes-Benz has made that nicely modularized, and the part is so exceedingly easy to remove and to install that you require no specialized tools or knowledge.

That’s about as simple and easy as something like this can be.

In software design, modularization is good. The same is often true for electrical circuit design.

Mercedes-Benz seems to be exemplary. Rather than spreading the complexities of the turn signals, hazards, wipers, rear defroster and trailer hook-up across a massively complex wiring harness, Mercedes-Benz consolidated it into one nice module that’s easy to remove and to install. It’s typically in the engine compartment on the driver’s side, close to the firewall, or inside the (nicely protected) fuse box.

The functionality and design of this particular module have been so universally applicable that it was used in many models in the W124 series, the 1985 – 1995 E and T class, over many years.

This standardization reduces the production costs as well as inventory costs for the factory and repair shops.

This means the money for purchasing and servicing your Mercedes-Benz goes more to aspects that add value and less to inefficiencies.

Used Electronic Modules for the Mercedes-Benz W124 Series

The Mercedes-Benz W124 Series is standing the test of time. Even so, some components do eventually fail.

In especially high demand due to needing replacement in the Mercedes-Benz W124 series cars are the electronic modules by the firewall. 

Please consider us to be your premium source for affordable, used, guaranteed examples of especially these parts, at a fraction of the price of a new part.

This way, you still end up with the high quality of an OEM Mercedes-Benz part, even if it’s not new.  (OEM = Original Equipment [of the] Manufacturer)